Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Many many thanks to Rob over at www.reason101.net for his kind review and video presentation of The Theory. Please check out his site, it's an incredible tutorial resource covering a wide range of Reason related subjects. Just as an example, he somehow worked out how to create Song Without A Sequencer. Wait, what?

He can also be found under the name Phi Sequence on Youtube, and Facebook

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Finally Complete--New Refill: The Theory

The Theory

152 song files (76 for Reason 5 & 76 for Record 1.5)
-17 Chord files containing 82 chords, each in individual clips organized four different ways: by quality, type, interval structure, and type versus structure.
-12 Scale files containing 223 scales in individual clips, and 30 full scale maps that contain the scales plotted across the entire keyboard.
-12 “chords on scales” files that contain all the chords transposed and plotted across 30 scales where they fit.
30 more Chords On Scales files, one for each scale, that have the scales and chords transposed for each key.
-3 scale files that include every possible 5, 6, and 7 note scale organized by structure, mode, and transposed in modes. 1 file containing 30 full scale maps transposed for each key.
-1 Music Theory overview - a song file that works as a course covering everything from sight reading to time signatures, the circle of fifths, chord construction and more.
-2 pdf files: a companion to the music theory overview, and a chord & scale index listing the spelling for every chord and a cross reference of every scale.
Refill - 77.5 mb, total download - 88.6 mb.
Here's a song file in Reason and Record format that contains a few examples of different parts of the refill.

Now I'm off to use it-
Today marks 3rd Floor's first anniversary, how'd that happen?