Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Combinator: Blenderific

Blenderific is one of those instruments that happens while attempting to make something else, but sounds interesting so you save it for later. It’s a basic square lead that took a wrong turn and got caught in an LFO and a Scream box. It opens in an “unblended” state, but crank up the Rate knob to 127, and bring the LFO knob up slowly and you’ll hear it slide from a basic lead into an unsteady sounding white noise. Leave the rate knob somewhere in the middle and turn up the LFO and there’s no telling what notes you’ll end up with. Blenderific will be included in a future refill.
My favorite settings: LFO-22, Rate-127, Distortion-on. Those settings will give you something reminiscent of an old style electronic alarm clock on the higher notes, around the 5th octave. Download it here